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Hi there and welcome to MacSelpore. We are a computer support business based in Harare, Zimbabwe. As part of our support we offer software installation services for our customers.

We also offer various other forms of computer support that you can take advantage of if you’d like. Please feel free to browse our website for more information and we thank you for your interest.

Software Installation Services

We offer the following software installations for your computers and servers;

technical installations
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Installation
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Re-Installation
  • Apple Mac Application Software Installation Services
  • Microsoft Windows Server Installation and Re-installations
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Microsoft Office Installation
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software Installation
  • Other Essential Software
  • Linux Server and Firewall Software Installation
Support Specialist

Microsoft Windows 10 Installation

Generally all laptops and some desktops will come with a windows 10 installation. When you buy either a desktop or a laptop from MacSelpore, the initial setup is done for you as a free perk.

During the initial setup we also do extra software installations that helps you get off to a good start.

During this phase, we can also move your data from your old computer at no extra cost. This does come with limitations, but anything below 50 Gigs of data will not attract extra fees.

There are cases where a client has a desktop and asks for a ms windows 10 software installation to be done. We’re happy to handle these issues on your behalf.

We can also purchase the software for you either from our local suppliers or from the windows store online.

We also take care of the system device drivers and ensure your pc is fully functional when we hand it back to you.

Additionally, we also offer post sale setups for you if you buy from other suppliers but this will incur normal fees at an hourly rate.

Windows 10 Upgrades

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades

If you would like us to handle your windows 10 upgrades from a previous version of windows, we can help you with this as well.

We’ll take great care to backup all your files and data prior to the upgrade as sometimes issues can occur.

In most cases, if your computer can handle a windows 10 upgrade, there won’t be any issues. You may need extra RAM though, to handle the new upgrade and avoid a performance hit.

Older desktops and laptops may not be able to handle the upgrade to the latest release of windows. We thus need to assess the system before we begin.

Sometimes it’s better to do a new installation, this will depend on your computer status.

In these events, it is better to not carry the old issues across to the new operating system. Also, this doesn’t generally take much longer than an upgrade.

windows re-installation

Microsoft Windows 10 Re-Installation

In some cases your windows 10 may become corrupt due to a malware or virus infection. There are also times when your hard drive may become problematic or may crash.

Hard drives are meant to be silent, if you hear any noises please refer to our Computer Repairs Page.

In these cases your computer will need a full windows 10 re-installation. Where we can, we’ll backup your current data files and then restore them once the re-installation has completed.

As in the above installation option, we’ll re-install extra software for you. Paid for software licenses that you have or belong to your business can also be re-installed and tested. As long as the license is still valid.

In some cases, a factory reset or ms recovery can be done and in other cases a re-installation needs to be done by disk.

Factory resets are fairly quick apart from moving data files. Disk installations will also take a little longer.

Apple Mac Application Installs

Apple Mac Application Software Installations

Apart from your ms operating software, MacSelpore also deals with Apple Mac. We can help you with application software installation as well as account migration.

Apple Macs are very different in the way they work with Software. Application installs are not intuitive like microsoft apps.

Many people new to this platform find it difficult to transition across.

We can handle the the installation files, and installing software is not an issue for us.

There is a small learning curve for clients new to the operating system, but we can help guide you with this.

Also, as mentioned above, we can handle migrations on your behalf. This is when a user purchases a new apple mac and needs data moved across.

This is normally done over a network and may take some time depending on the amount of data files to move.

Windows Server Installs

Microsoft Windows Server Installation

If you’re about to get yourself a new server or you need the software upgraded on your old server, we can help.

Again in the event of upgrades, we will backup all your data before we begin the upgrade.

Please note that accounting programs need to be installed and tested by the suppliers of the software .

This also applies to specialist software that you may need for your business. The software vendors normally have their own technical support to handle these installations.

But normally wont be willing to handle the server installation itself.

All other issues, we can handle for you, including the purchase of the server software itself, data backup and restores.

Microsoft Windows Server Re-Installation

Again, there are times when you will need your server to have the operating system re-installed. This can be due to a hard drive failure or a corruption in the server software itself.

At times, a malware or virus infection may spread through the network and affect the server.

In these cases, care needs to be taken that all desktops and laptops have been cleaned before re-introducing the server back onto the network.

We can help you with this and all care is taken to ensure that you don’t lose any of your current data.

Also, if you have a server and several computers, you should consider having a backup data server.

office software

Microsoft Office Installation and Troubleshooting

We sell, install and troubleshoot Microsoft Office Software. Both the full software package and the Office 365 program.

The full office package tends to be a lot more stable than office 365.

At times Office 365 becomes unstable and either needs to be re-installed or requires troubleshooting.

We can handle these issues for you and make sure that your office 365 is running correctly.

We can also handle software licensing issues or licensing updates on your behalf.

If you have purchased the software yourself, we are still happy to do the installation for you.

We’ll also make sure that the software is running correctly before we hand the pc back to you.

Backup Software

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network attached Storage servers are extremely important for medium to large networks. Any business trying to grow needs to ensure their data is backed up on a daily basis.

You simply cannot rely on your staff to handle these issues on a daily basis. We can setup your computers to do daily backups automatically, so your staff don’t need to worry.

Also, carrying an external hard drive from pc to pc to backup files is not a viable long term solution for your business.

We are able to either sell you a robust NAS device, or to build one up for you from an old server or pc.

We do recommend that you invest in a full NAS device however as a safer alternative.

Even NAS devices require an operating system install and setup to handle your network data requirements.

We take care of all this, when you purchase the device through MacSelpore, at no extra cost to you.

However, setting up each device to automatically backup is not included in the free installation.

In the event where you purchase these devices elsewhere, we can still do the installation and setup. However, these services will attract fees on an hourly basis.

Linux Server Installs

Linux Server and Firewall Software Installation

For networks that have grown beyond 10 computers, we recommend investing in security.

With the extra staff in your business it is difficult to predict who may cause issues through their online activities.

Staff have been know to make use of business resources for their own gain and entertainment.

Not concerning themselves with the impact these activities may have on the business.

We recommend installing a linux firewall server which can improve security on the network.

Once one pc is infected, the entire network is vulnerable to hacking. Security measures are vital to maintain some level of network protection.

We can build a linux firewall for your business and add some extra security measures to protect your network.

We can also sell you a complete firewall system that has maximum security built in.

Anti Malware Software

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Security Software

If you looking for an anti-virus program to install on your pc, we’re able to help you with that.

We generally recommend Malware Bytes which is able to handle both Virus and Malware Issues.

We are in a position to buy the licenses on your behalf, install and activate the program.

If you have purchased a license of Anti-Virus Software from another vendor, we’re happy to do the software installation for you.

We can make sure that the program runs smoothly and doesn’t conflict with other software on your pc.

Some anti-virus software is network capable. Provided that you have the correct licensing, we can install the software on as many computers as the license allows.

We can also do the server installation which normally monitors all the computers on the network.

Other Essential Windows Software

As we mentioned before, we normally install extra software on your pc when you buy from us.

But, sometimes a client requires special software to be loaded on his or her system at other times as well.

We’re happy to handle the software installation of these programs on your behalf and on as many computers as you like.

We’ll normally make sure that any supporting software is part of the installation to make sure the software runs correctly.

Explaining The Different Types Of Software

On this page we have discussed various software installation services that we handle on behalf of our customers. But not all software is created equally and there is different types of software.

Essentially software can be divided into three main groups. The first is Operating System Software. The second is Application Software or Apps. The third is Programming Languages.

Operating System Software

An operating system is the software that allows you to interact with your pc. These are generally software such as Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft windows Server or Apple OS.

The Operating System allows the different hardware to interact with us human beings. It also allows other useful software to be installed on top so that we can complete other useful tasks.

Application Software

These are applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Malware Bytes, and so on. Application software runs in the operating system environment. Normally application software is specific to the Operating System. In other words, you cannot run Microsoft Office for Windows on an Apple Mac or Linuc PC.

Application software allows you to perform certain dedicated tasks. For instance, manipulating photos with Photoshop or creating spreadsheets with Excel.

Programming Software

There are several different programming languages. These are designed to create the application software that runs on an Operating System. Programming Languages are used specific to computer programmers and so don’t apply to ordinary users.

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