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Welcome and thank you for visiting MacSelpore. We’re a computer support company in Harare offering pc repairs as part of our services. If you have any issues, please feel free to call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Computer Repairs

Computer Repair Services

Our computer repairs includes both Desktops and Laptops. We can help you deal with both hardware and software issues that your pc might be having.

If you’re part of a company or a residential customer and you need help with your computers, we also offer pc support solutions. In most cases we can come out to your company or home and attend to any issues you might be having.

In the event that your computer needs repairs, we’ll most likely have to bring the device back to our offices in order to do this.

Desktop Repairs

Desktop Computer Repairs

The most common areas affecting computer desktops are as follows;

  • hard drives
  • overheating issues
  • power supplies
  • motherboards

If your desktop computer is having any one of the following issues, then it needs immediate attention.

  • Any loud or unusual noises coming from the desktop computer. Sounds may include ticking or grinding.
  • Sometimes the computer is quiet but frequently shuts down and restarts.
  • If you notice that the side panels of the computer are unusually warm to the touch.
  • Computer won’t start at all or wont go into the windows environment.

These are all symptoms of a computer under unusual stress in one form or the other. Please shutdown your computer and have a computer repair expert have a look at it.

Hard Drive Issues

Computer Hard Drive Issues

In most cases when your computer hard drive begins to deteriorate you’ll hear a ticking sound.

The ticking sound may only happen when you initially start your pc. In this case it is an early warning sign that the hard drive needs to be replaced.

In other cases you may hear a constant ticking sound. This is a warning sign that your computer hard drive is about to crash and needs immediate replacement.

You may have been hearing these sounds for a little while, please do not think nothing of this. The hard drive may crash at any time.

In all cases, please remember to always back up your computer data.

Even if your computer is functioning normally, you should always have a backup of the data on your computer.

Hard drives are mechanical, which means they have moving parts. Even an electrical surge can destroy a hard drive.

Overheating and Re-starting Computer

If you have noticed lately that you’re computer is a little warmer than usual, this could be an issue with the cooling.

Sometimes you’ll also get an unusual hum, especially during start up. This is an indication that your pc needs attention.

In some circumstances, you’ll find that the computer may run for a short period and then restart itself.

Sometimes this is a software issue, but in most cases this means that the computer is overheating. This issue will not go away and the computer is in danger of losing data and needs repairs.

Computer Not Starting

Computer Not Starting

In some cases, you’ll find that your desktop computer won’t start at all. This can be an issue with the computer power supply, especially when nothing at all happens.

At this point you’ll most likely find that the power supply needs to repairs or replacement.

There are times when your computer will start as normal, but can’t enter into the windows environment.

These cases normally happen when the hard drive is no longer functioning and needs to be replaced.

Another issue that may prevent your computer from starting is the motherboard. These are normally not an issue, but a surge may affect the electronics on the motherboard.

In rare cases, this would mean that the mother board would either need repairs or in some cases a replacement of the entire mother board.

Computer Running Very Slow

Slow running computers are either caused by an infection, or your computer may need additional resources.

Infections are generally either malware or viruses and can cause harm to your computer data.

These infections sometimes also create issues over the network and may affect other computers as well.

In other cases, windows software and other software updates may eventually cause your computer to slow down. In these cases, you would need a hardware upgrade.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Laptops have similar issues to desktop computers. However, these may not be as noticeable as on desktops.

For these issues, please read under desktop repairs. Laptops also face other issues as well which we’ll point out below.

Broken Laptop Screens

It’s a common issue to end up with a broken screen. Generally, we’re able to locate and replace laptop screens with relative ease.

In some cases this may take a little longer because Harare suppliers generally don’t keep these spares. We therefore often source them from the open market.

Damaged Laptop Keyboards

Like the screens, keyboards are not kept by Harare suppliers and so we have to turn to the open market to source them.

Generally within a short time we are able to source these parts and repair the laptops.

Other Laptop Issues

Laptop Battery Replacement

Batteries are the most common issue faced by laptops. Mostly a laptop battery can last anywhere from a year to three years.

Again, by the time your battery is finished, Harare suppliers no longer carry them. We normally source these parts from the open market with reasonable success.

Power Supplies for Laptops

Again, we are normally able to source power supplies for laptops.

These are normally after market spares and seldomly original spares.

However, these spares are model specific and good quality.

Other Issues with Laptops

As with Desktops you need to listen for any unusual sounds that may suddenly crop up. These could indicate issues with the cooling fan or the hard drive.

Also feel the sides and the back of the laptop for unusually warm air being pushed out by the fan.

Any of these issues would indicate that it is time to do some general maintenance on your computer.

Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

Computers and Laptops need general maintenance in order to function properly.

Maintenance should be done every 3 to 6 months and should include virus and malware removals.

Regular computer maintenance allows you to monitor and tackle issues before they have a major impact on your company.

In the event that your company is in Harare industrial areas, then we recommend services every 3 months.

This would also apply to areas that are very dusty or have heavy pollution.

Computer power supplies and processor fans often get clogged with dust.

This leads to over heating issues and eventually data loss or damage to parts.

MacSelpore provides all these services and solutions under our computer support services.

If your company is within the Greater Harare area, then we’ll be happy to assist you in these areas.

Please contact us on 0782 004 522 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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