Computer Hardware Upgrades

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Computer Hardware Upgrades

Upgrades that improve performance

Is your computer is no longer performing like it used to? If everything else checks out ok, your issue could be the operating system updates.

Chances are you’re running Windows 10 on your pc and over time you’ve seen the performance slow down. With every update that Microsoft puts out it takes more resources to keep your pc running as it should. Eventually it needs a hardware upgrade.

The benefits of a Hardware Upgrade

With computer hardware upgrades you’re going to see improvements in performance. The computer is going to be able to handle the windows operating system better.

Adding more RAM or a faster processor will definitely see a major boost to performance.

Adding a larger hard drive means that your pc will be able to handle additional data storage.

The downside of a Hardware Upgrade

Of course, this all depends on the value of the computer or what you intend to use it for. The additional upgrades that you do are only beneficial to you.

The pc is still going to lose value over time and any upgrades that you do will not add any value if you intend to resell the pc.

These are the things that need to be considered if you are looking into an upgrade of any type.

PC Upgrades

Is it worth your while to Upgrade Your Computer?

Well, it all depends. If your pc is about a year old, then computer hardware upgrades are worth considering. Because the system is fairly new, it will be easier to source the parts. In this case even the processor may be something worth considering.

For older computers, it depends what you would like to upgrade. If your computer is about 2 or 3 years old, then a RAM memory upgrade or a hard drive upgrade may be worthwhile. Also upgrading to a graphics card is also worthwhile.

For computers that are older than 3 years, it is better for you to look at purchasing a replacement computer. The replacement parts will be very difficult to source and usually they’ll end up being used parts.

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RAM Upgrades

Upgrading Your RAM

One of the best ways to see immediate results is to add more RAM memory to your pc. Unlike the other components, RAM is an affordable way to upgrade your computer.

Most computers are sold with just enough RAM to make the pc function at an acceptable level. A windows 10 computer is usually sold with 4GB of RAM. Normally within about a year, you’ll notice that it doesn’t perform as well anymore.

Adding an additional 4GB of RAM will deliver an immediate boost in the performance. This will allow the pc to once again run your software at an acceptable level.

How much RAM do you need?

Generally the more RAM memory you have, the better your pc will run. Windows 10 runs very well with 16GB of RAM. But keep in mind that it also depends on the number of slots you have available for the upgrade.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Upgrading Your Hard Drive

There are are four things to consider if you’d like to upgrade your hard drive.

Hard Drive Storage

Firstly, you need to consider how much storage you need. Generally, when a hard drive has reaches around 70% of it’s storage capacity you’ll start to notice that it begins to slow down. So normally you either have one of two choices. You can either move unnecessary data to a backup hard drive, or buy a larger hard drive.

Hard Drive Speeds

The second issue to consider is the speed of the hard drive. If you have a hard drive that spins at 5400rpm, you may want to consider upgrading to on that spins at 7200rpm. This will give your computer an immediate performance boost.

SSD Hard Drive

The third consideration is whether to upgrade to a standard hard drive with a spinning disk or to buy a SSD hard drive. An SSD hard drive has no moving parts and is much like a massive flash drive. They are extremely fast and their performance is unbeatable.

Software Installation or Migration

The final consideration is your operating system. The choice will be whether to migrate your windows 10 from one drive to the other or whether to do a fresh new install. For more information on software installations please visit our Software Installations Page.

Processor Upgrades

Upgrading the Processor

Upgrading your processor all depends on the motherboard that you have in your computer.

It can be quite difficult, especially for older models to source a processor that your motherboard can work with. It is also one of the more expensive upgrades for your system.

Having said that, to upgrade your pc from an i3 processor to an i5 or i7 processor will see massive improvements.

We would recommend only considering this route if you have expensive software licenses on your pc and are unable to replace them.

However, if this is not the case you may want to consider buying a new computer instead. That way everything is sold as a unit and is guaranteed to function properly.

Graphics Upgrade

Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Usually, you would only consider a graphics card upgrade if you are into gaming, graphic design or video editing. If you are using doing any of these activities, then a graphics card will definitely help.

Computers that don’t have a graphics card will use the onboard RAM to process graphics. So in these situations an upgrade is a good idea.

If none of these apply to you and you don’t rely of any of the above, it could be a waste of your money to buy a graphics card.

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