Canon i-Sensys MF237w


Let me tell you…

I’ve been selling these printers from as far back as 2015 and in all that time I’ve only had one printer that had premature issues and there’s a great lesson to be learned from what happened in this story…

But before I get into that, let me quickly say this

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Ok, back to the story…


Mistakes like these don’t come cheap…

So I sold one of these Canon MF printers to a very prominent pharmacy in Harare, it was actually the model before the MF237w, which was the Canon MF217w.

This must have been about three years ago…

Well at the time, things were going great. They bought the printer, I installed it and made sure that all users had access to print and scan over their wireless network.

They do roughly 2400 pages per month and so pretty much every month they would order a new toner from me.

This went on for about 6 months and then suddenly I noticed that these guys stopped ordering cartridges. You know that happens from time to time, when a company goes through a bit of a down period, so I didn’t think much of it.

In the mean time this pharmacy had hired this guy who was fresh out of college, clever bloke, charismatic…and they put him in charge of purchasing.

Anyway…another two months go by and they still hadn’t bought any cartridges from me. Something was up…

About mid month, I get this frantic call from the pharmacy that the printer was suddenly not picking up paper and it kept getting an error message. I thought this was odd, I mean the printer had been with them for just short of ten months.

But these things happen…

So I go along to the pharmacy to have a look and sure enough, the printer is yelping and screeching every time it tries to print and the bloody thing won’t pick up any paper.

Now the printer is under warranty, so I take it to the distributor to have a look. They take it in and a couple of days later, when their technician finally gets round to it…

I get a call…

Turns out, when they pulled out the toner cartridge, not only was it a fake toner, but the gears inside the toner had jammed and caused massive damage to the printer itself.

Now…because of this fake toner, they weren’t willing to cover the printer warranty. 

So they replaced the parts in the printer and a couple of days later…and a genuine cartridge installed, the printer was ready.

My god, you should have seen the bill. It was about ten bucks short of purchasing a replacement printer.

Well, the customer wasn’t too pleased about that…of course.

But as clockwork, every month they get genuine cartridges…and I know that because they get them from me.

Three years later…about mid august I serviced the printer. I still prints like a brand new machine, they never had a problem since…(and somehow the guy they hired is no longer there…).

Anyway lesson here…please do yourself and favour and use genuine cartridges, the fake cartridges might seem attractive, but…

  1. They don’t give you as many print outs
  2. They are likely to cause the printer to wear prematurely.

They really are Phenomenal Printers…

Right off the bat I can tell you that this is a great printer for a small office environment.

It can handle up to 10 users effortlessly with the ability to print and scan over a network, whether it’s wireless or wired.

I’ve sold several of these MF laserjet printers over the years and they’re ALL still running and functioning, some as much as four years later.

Many of them never even get a clean with a blower since they were purchased, and many also get quite well abused and still keep hammering out those pages.




This is a mono laserjet printer, which essentially means that it takes a single toner and it’s black.

You’ll get decent print speeds of up to 23 pages per minute.

The manufacturer suggests printing between 500 and 2500 pages per month to get the best overall results out of the printer including maximizing it’s longevity.

Print quality…you looking at 600 x 600 dpi on default printer settings, but  It can go as high as 1200 x 1200 dpi for those of you who are looking for picture perfect quality.

This printer also handles duplex printing.


This printer has both a flat bet scanner for single scans and a document feeder for those of you who need multiple pages scanned all at once.

This printer does a great job scanning documents in full colour up to 9600dpi on the flat bed and up to 300 dpi in the automatic document feeder.


The printer comes with a starter cartridge, which will give you about 900 pages. The replacement cartridge is the Canon 737 and you’ll get about 2400 pages with a 5% page coverage which is the avarage A4 letter, quotation or invoice.



I recommend that every three months, that you have someone pull out the toner cartridge and give it a good blow with a high powered blower to get all the dust out. This will help it last a lot longer. For more technical services, please give us a call and we’ll can take care of it for you.

Please do not attempt to service the device yourself other than blowing it out before a year has passed, so that you don’t lose your warranty.



Overall, I would say hands down, this is a very good purchase. The printer is robust and can handle a lot of abuse (although I wouldn’t recommend it), and it just keeps firing.


The Offer

If you purchase one of these printers from MacSelpore, and you’re in Harare, then not only will you get free deliver to your offices, but we’ll setup the printer for you over a wireless connection, make sure that it the printer functioning properly and connect as many as 10 users onto the printer for you.

If you’d like a quotation, please email [email protected] …and as soon as we get it, we’ll get you a price.