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Top quality refurbished motherboards with i3 and i5 processors handle windows 10 with ease and at very affordable prices.

SSD Drives

The very best solution for speeding up your notebooks are these Top Quality SSD Drives ranging from 256GB to 1TB.

HDD Drives

We have an assortment of 3.5″ Hard Drives ranging from 500GB up to 4TB to cater for your most common computing needs.


We have a wide selection of Desktop and Notebook RAM, 4GB and 8GB modules DDR3/L and DDR4.

Looking for Storage Backup Solutions?

We offer a range of Top Quality Network Storage Solutions from a number of globally recognised brands.

These products will protect your business from unnecessary data loss should something happen to your computers.

Need to Upgrade your Desktop?

As you know, Microsoft is no longer supporting windows 7 and windows 8.1 extended support will soon end as well. But many of you are in a bind because brand new desktops are quite expensive…

As a result, we offer a number of quality refurbished computer components that have been thoroughly tested by ourselves and are ready to replace your older hardware that is unable to work with Windows 10.

Turbo Boost your notebook

Our range of SSD Drives will transform your notebook from the sluggish machine that it is to the super machine that it’s meant to be.

With read speeds of up to 550MB/s and write speeds of up to 500MB/s, thats more than 10x the speed of normal hard drives.

Also, depending on your current drive and the drive you would like to replace, we can, in most cases clone your new drive. So no need to worry about purchasing additional licensing.

Other Popular Products

Here is a quick view of some of the other products that we can supply you. For a more comprehensive list please visit our products page.

Wide Range of Asus Notebooks

Windows 10  •  4GB RAM  •  1TB HDD

19″ and above

Quality Brands •  VGA  •  wide screen

Wide Range of Desktops

Windows 10 pro  •  4GB RAM  •  1TB HDD

Quality Brands

Multi function  •  Wifi • Smart Printers

Canon Products

Laserjet  •  Inkjet  •  Bottle

Quality Brands

Multi function  •  Wifi • Smart Printers

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